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DRB Series 

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   Temperature protector  

DRB series thermo sensitive temperature protector may provide thermal protection for AC or DC motor With PTC components as the temperature sensor; it has the advantages of high reliability, small volume, short response time, and high sensitivity. In addition, the protector will only function when temperature of the electrical motor under protection reaches the highest value. As a result, it may exploit electrical motor capacity at most and achieve biggest economic profit.  

With the same principles when use different types of PTC sensors, the protector can also provide the best thermal protection for various electrical components such as transformer, bearing, and electrical magnet.  

DRB-1.2 thermosensitive temperature protector conforms to national standard GB1497-85 (low voltage electrical equipment standard) and GB3787- 83 (low voltage electrical equipment for ships). As a result, it can be used in different environment conditions and ships condition.




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